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We are producers and exporters, which means that the product is in our hands from blooming until it reaches the final consumer, so we offer 100% quality with a fully transparent traceability monitoring.


The Natural Hand is managed by the same team who work the land every day. Trained and specialized professionals who knows the most of the product to suit the customer needs anywhere in the world.


In The Natural Hand we are committed to respect the nature and its natural processes, we endorse an ethical responsibility based on the traditional model of agriculture.


All this philosophy means that each stage of the production process requires the same quality requirement and represents perseverance and excellence, and ultimately the commitment that The Natural Hand has with its customers to provide better everyday products.

We take into account all the means available to minimize the possible impact that agricultural activity may have in to the environment, we avoid the use of any external product to the natural process.
  • In our lands

    The planting, the maintenance, the pruning, etc., is performed manually, tree by tree, one by one, with the care, dedication and experience of three generations of farmers serving with quality their fruit and vegetables.
  • In the collection

    The whole team at The Natural Hand professes the same passion for agricultural products and processes, so that each fruit is attached to the drawer of the tree, which is deposited on a foamy material that serves as support for the fruits.
  • The transfer

    The team at The Natural Hand mounts manually the boxes in the truck that goes to the warehouse, so that the fruits do not receive any blows, nor between them or with the transportation run.
  • The warehose

    Once organized in the warehouse, the team from The Natural Hand calibrates each fruit and place them inside each box to be finally packaged. In this part of the process there are no conveyor belts, no dump, no hit and no presence of postharvest products.
  • The export

    The natural maturation processes are always taken into account when the products leave the The Natural Hand warehouse to be sale and when the products are going to be consumed they are always presented with their optimal properties.